Creating Nurturing Mealtimes

Our experiences while we are eating is just as important as the kinds of foods we are consuming.

Picture this:  you are arguing with your spouse over the dinner table, your stomach cells are aware of the upset and send distressed chemical messages throughout the body. As a result, your digestion becomes a challenge because of the indigestible emotions coursing throughout your cells and organs.

Since good digestion is the by-product of all the signals our body receives as well as the food that we eat, we want to create a nurturing atmosphere for our meals, paying attention to all of the senses — taste, sound, sight, touch, and smell.

Here are a few tips for making your body happy while you eat:

  • Eat in a settled atmosphere.
  • Don’t eat when you’re upset.
  • Always sit down to eat (don’t eat in front of your computer or TV or while you’re driving).
  • Only eat when you’re hungry.
  • Dine at a moderate pace. Don’t gulp food or eat too slow.
  • Eat beautiful, well prepared meals.
  • Include a variety of tastes and colors at each meal.

When our digestion is strong, we are able to digest food and receive nutrients efficiently, which in turn provides us the fuel we need to meet and more easily handle the challenges of everyday life.

So remember to take time to enjoy your mealtimes!

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