Desire Does Not Equal Manifestation

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“If this time-space reality has the wherewithal to create a desire in you for something, this time-space reality has the wherewithal to deliver it to you. But you have to become the person who has it in order for it to show up in your reality. Or otherwise you never will.”
 ~ Abraham translated by Esther Hicks

I have heard people get irritated at the law of attraction and say: “I have wanted and focused on this thing that I want for so long, and it’s not here. See, I’m focusing on it, I desire and long for it, but it hasn’t manifested. See!–the law of attraction doesn’t work.”

I can see where the confusion comes in. Because you hear that phrase: you get what you focus on, right? And you think, what else do I have to do, for crying out loud! I have been focusing, wanting, putting all my energy into my longing. And I’m still broke. Or still my business hasn’t worked. Or I still don’t have clients. Or I still can’t seem to make ends meet. I still, I still, I still.

Now on one level the focus on the “I still don’t have it” is the point. Because it means you are more aware of and focused on the lack of something than on its presence. How the heck can I focus on its presence, you ask, if it’s not here? And this is a big factor because longing is more emotionally connected to lack than it is to presence. And you will manifest what you are more emotionally connected to–the lack or the presence of something, something wanted or unwanted. In this case the trick, so to speak, is to be able to imagine that you already have or are experiencing what you desire–and then get emotionally connected to that.

But today I want to focus your attention on another aspect of all of this, one that I hope will inspire and soothe you.
And that aspect is the becoming. The becoming within you. The transformation within you that takes place when experience and then knowing replace desire and longing.

It’s interesting because it is possible to actually experience and “have” that which you’ve wanted–like when you receive a large sum of money from winning the lottery, an investment skyrocketing, or from an inheritance–and then lose it within a short period of time. You get what you wanted but because you don’t become the person who actually believes and is emotionally connected to having it, you lose it. You squander it, you loan it to someone who doesn’t pay you back, or you make a poor investment.

I remember a potential client sharing with me that his greatest fear was of losing all of his money. He longed to be someone with financial security. He had a made a chunk of money, then made a poor investment, and was now afraid of losing the rest. He had not yet become the person who knew he could make money whenever he wanted to. Even though he made a significant amount at one time, he did not fundamentally experience himself as a person who either had money or knew how to make it. He didn’t know how to look for opportunity or to recognize it when it came to him. And he didn’t trust that opportunity and prosperity were natural to life and within his grasp.

Can you lean into the universal law that anything you are capable of wanting is available to you now? Can you get excited by that principle and begin to imagine yourself as the person who can see the path to manifesting it? And then can you begin to know yourself as the one who experiences it now? Already? Not in some future moment, but now? How does it feel in your body? What emotions do you experience? How does your experience of life change? Can you b r e a t h e into a bigger, more abundant and confident you?

I was with someone yesterday who shared with me about wanting to manifest something in her life that she had wanted as a child, to be successful expressing her talent in a big way on stage. The longing was strong. And yet her demeanor, her clothes, her way of holding herself did not at all represent a powerful stage presence. You could feel the longing, but not her being the one experiencing the goal. Often it seems just too scary–because then you really do have to become someone else. For her longing felt safer than manifesting.

Focus on you, not on what you want. Focus on you becoming, transforming, morphing into the person experiencing the life that have only longed for up until now. What changes will you have to make in how you think about yourself? In how you think about others?

Your time-space reality has the wherewithal to deliver anything to you that you can imagine. Are you willing to become the person experiencing it?

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