How To Get What You Want

Sometimes we really want something, and we hope and pray.  We think about it,  we do things and try other things to get it.  Maybe it’s that we want to lose weight or we want to make more money.  And we get busy doing the things we think we need to do to have those things.  Thoughts might pass through our minds like, “I’ll never get that.”  Or “This isn’t working.”  Or you work harder.  If this sounds like you then there are 3 simple steps that you can follow to get what you want.

1.  BE

Most important is who you are being.  If you are being the person that has everything they want, is grateful and content with life then you’ll:

2. DO

You will do the things that type of person does, you will get to the gym more, eat more responsibly, or draw the right clients to you.

3.  HAVE

Then you will have the things you want!

All to often we get stuck in the doing part to try and have what we want, but if all the while we are being the opposite we will continue to proliferate the opposite of what we want.  It’s like the law of attraction.  If you’re working really hard but thinking “I’m not making enough money”, or “I need money”, then you are being a person with no money and that is what you’ll have.  On the other side, if you really don’t have that much money but are grateful everyday for what you have, thank the heavens if you find a quarter, really appreciate that last client of yours, you will draw more of the same.  You will draw more money, more clients, more of the right thing.  It takes practice and it really works.  It might be hard if you are really struggling, you might say, “but how can I be someone that is making $10,000/month if I’m only making $1,000?”  Fake it until you make it!  Every morning write down and say out loud what you are grateful for.  Go through your day finding the positive and the good.  I assure you just keep being the person you want to be and being that you already have what you want, and you will see how the universe bends to accommodate you.  Life is an amazing thing!

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