How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight

Have you ever thought about it? All of those companies that make low fat or fat free foods claim that their products help people lose weight. Here’s the thing though: Americans eat the most low fat and fat free foods, but somehow we have the highest rate of obesity in the world! That just doesn’t make sense!

Well, actually, it does make sense. Think about things in perspective in terms of time. People of all generations before us were not struggling as much as we are today with weight. What was it that was different? Well, they certainly didn’t have low fat or fat free foods so if they didn’t have those foods to “help” them, what was it? There’s the key! They didn’t have low fat or fat free foods! That’s why they were not struggling with their weight!!

Low fat and fat free foods do NOT help you to lose weight! Plain and simple, that is the full truth and I know you can handle it! Okay, so here’s how low fat and fat free foods make you fat…

First off, foods with fat tend to taste better than their low fat or fat free buddies. I know, it’s not something that you’re likely to admit since, I’m sure, you’re trying to keep those types of foods out of your mind while you work hard to lose weight. But realize that usually it is the fat in foods that make things taste so great. So when companies reduce or take out the fat, the taste goes with it.

Just think about the difference between a yummy cracker topped with cheese and a low fat cracker all dry and bland. Which one would YOU choose? The tasty one of course! So basically, you’re subjecting yourself to bland, tasteless, dry food that, get this, costs more! That just completely does not make sense! Anyways, the fact that companies take out the taste means that they need to make their products taste good some other way. You know what that means! Chemical galore!

Low fat and fat free foods contain so many extra fillers that it is honestly scary! You’ve got tons of salt and tons of sugar, way more than is healthy and you’ve also got odd bulking agents, flavor enhancers and even artificial flavoring. Clearly this can’t be good. However, in a way, it does the trick to making low fat and fat free foods more tasty.

Secondly, now that companies have been successful in making low fat and fat free foods tasty, people tend to think that since they taste good AND are low fat, then it’s okay to eat even more of these foods than regular full fat foods. This is actually very bad! It’s bad because if you eat more, you end up eating tons more of the chemicals they pump into these foods! And those chemicals are bad for your body, hands down, without any questions.

Statistically speaking, when you eat low fat or fat free foods, typically everyone will end up eating 28% more calories than regular full fat foods! Can you believe that? So by eating more of these low fat or fat free foods that are artificially tasty, you’re actually eating more calories than you should be, than you would be if you were eating full fat foods! Wow.

Now, that doesn’t mean that if you just eat less of the low fat or fat free foods, then these will be healthy for you because they really aren’t, period. That also doesn’t mean that you’re free to eat fatty, greasy foods either because fried foods are never good for you. What you should be eating though, in terms of fat, are foods that are high in good fats. These include olive oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds and oily fish, like salmon and tuna.

Going the easy route with low fat or fat free foods, letting companies do the “extra legwork” for you, is just a bad idea. Success weight loss begins with making good health choices and sometimes it may mean making a healthy lifestyle change. But the key is to keep all of your health decisions in your hands. So keep learning about foods and make sure to keep your health in your focus and you’ll quickly be able to lose weight successfully!

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  2. Bull says:

    This is bullcrap! I make excellent, tasty vegetarian low to nonfat foods that help me keep the weight off. I do not eat processed foods at all. Also, I followed the new info coming out and promptly gained 15. Lbs by including more fats of all kinds in my diet. Explain that! I’m back to low fat, which has worked for years for me.

    • Coach Irf says:

      Nope, this article is absolutely correct. Higher fat intake is what allows your body to burn fat more efficiently, regulates your hormones, and is more satiating than carbohydrates. The reason you gained 15 lbs was almost certainly due to eating too much (note that fat has a higher caloric content than the other two macronutrients). Also, there are plenty of ways to include fat into a vegetarian diet, especially through eggs, nuts, and things like avocados, all of which are very high in fat and very good for you.
      It all boils down to calories in vs calories burned, but a high fat, low starchy carb diet helps curb overeating and provides a host of health benefits, as well as makes it easier to get a sufficient amount of protein.

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  4. DKC says:

    I started eating non fat everything.. milk, cheese, mayo, cream cheese, feta,yogurt, sour cream, shredded cheeses, crackers, pringles. I like my Splenda. I drink two cans of Diet Mountain Dew everyday but also drink between 60 and 80 ounces of water per day. Water is the best diuretic.. I went from 320 lbs to 130 lbs simply by cutting out fat and sugar. Fat free and sugar free is a good thing… every single day I have Rice Krispies with fat free milk and Splenda, extra lean meats like chicken, turkey fish, even from a can. Fresh fruit sprinkled with Splenda, fresh vegetables with homemade dip made with fat free sour cream.. Reduced fat sugar free jello puddings with fat free reddi whip.. Salads everyday with nonfat dressing.. these things work people… Wake up! just so you know.. Protein is what burns fat. you should research protein sparing modified fasting diets. You Will learn all about cutting out fat and sugar and eating high protein. You can have carbs too as long as it is not a food that has a lot of sugar in it. I have the pictures and recipes to prove all of this. I have birthday cake with frosting, brownies, cookies.. everything made without butter, oil or weird flours either.. the most bad food that I use is 1/4 cup of powdered sugar in a cake frosting recipe and that is for an entire cake! unless you’re going to eat the whole cake by yourself in one day then that is no problem. I could go on and on about the things that I eat that are healthy.. But I’m going to get off my soapbox.

  5. Susan Jones says:

    I enjoy the above views. Allow me to add to the opinions. My grandmother was a plain mennonite woman who’s table was set with everything scratch. There were no prepared, bought, box or packaged foods. Fresh and as close to natural as the seasons afforded her. Surely she was not a size zero but until her later years she was healthy. People back then didn’t have all the issues that we do now. The number of food allergies were minor compared to now. Of course you can argue some were simply just not aware but I maintain there were less. Girls didn’t develop as early as they do now thanks to the hormone free diets of their milk cows. And not every other child was wearing a peanut or dairy allergy label. Church nurseries, preschools didn’t have to design food allergy policies…wait, my Grandma’s community didn’t have preschools, kids went to one room classrooms, churches didn’t have nurseries, mammas took care of their own kids. But you get my point. At one point in my life I considered that “Grandma” may have lived far beyond her 80’s had she followed the now trendy fat free, vegan diets so many promote. Today, I think she and her people in the day were far smarter than we all think we are. I mean, think about it. If we truly promote “natural” as the healthier way then why not be natural. Why not return to the day when fresh from the earth was best. When animals were not genetically altered, where the garden was simply eaten after a fresh water rinse that sprung from a fresh spring and if you were fat it was simply because you ate more calories than you burned. So yes, you had it right Grandma. Full cape dress, bonnet, homeade bread topped with a healthy dose of fresh berry jam that promised to go bad if it was lucky enough to last more than a few days because it lacked all the preservatives we have tricked ourselves into thinking help us save money today.

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  7. matt says:
    My grandpa is around 70 years old and has a 6 pack and works construction and has more energy then me every day of the week even though he gets up at 5 in the morning and work hard all day and he eats all the fat off of the meat all the sodium filled pickles and lots of fatty foods and he more fit than 90% of high schoolers.

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