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How To Get What You Want

Sometimes we really want something, and we hope and pray.  We think about it,  we do things and try other things to get it.  Maybe it’s that we want to lose weight or we want to make more money.  And we get busy doing the things we think we need to do to have those […]

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“Stress Makes You Fat” and Other Diet Deceptions

With nearly 72 million Americans on a diet, it’s no wonder that diet options abound. But many of these so-called solutions won’t make a big difference in your fat-loss efforts. And some can have serious negative effects. Fortunately, you can lose fat safely and easily. But first, you need to know just why you should […]

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How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight

Have you ever thought about it? All of those companies that make low fat or fat free foods claim that their products help people lose weight. Here’s the thing though: Americans eat the most low fat and fat free foods, but somehow we have the highest rate of obesity in the world! That just doesn’t make sense! […]

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