Dr. Paul Kouchakoff “The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man”

According to Dr. Paul Kouchakoff (Suisse), M.D. Nobel Prize Nominee “The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Lausanne, Switzerland, Proceedings: First International Congress of Microbiology, Paris 1930.

“After every dose of food, we also observe a general augmentation of white corpuscles, and a change in the correlation of their percentage. This phenomenon has been considered, until now, a physiological one, and is called a digestive leukocytosis” After the consumption of the same natural foodstuffs, altered by means of high temperature, we find that the general number of white corpuscles has changed, but the correlation of their percentage has remained the same. After consumption of manufactured foodstuffs not only has the number of white corpuscles changed but also the correlation of percentage between them.

“All our experiments have shown that it is not the quantity, but the quality of food which plays an important role in the alteration of our blood formula, and that 200 milligrams or even 50 milligrams of foodstuffs produce the same reaction as large doses of them”.

Does this occur only when such foodstuffs are heated to boiling point, or is the same phenomenon called forth by lower temperatures?

It appears that every raw foodstuff has its own temperature which must not be surpassed in heating, otherwise it loses its original virtues and calls forth a reaction in the system.

Ordinary drinking water, heated for half an hour to a temperature of 87°(C,) does not change air blood, but this same water, heated to 88° (C,) changes it. We have given the name “critical temperature” to the highest degree of temperature at which a particular food-stuff, can be cooked without changing our blood formula.

This critical temperature is not the same for all raw foodstuffs. It varies within a range of ten degrees.

-The lowest critical temperature for water is 87°; for milk it is 88°; for cereals, tomatoes, cabbage, bananas, 89°; for pears, meat, 90°; for butter, 91°; for apples and oranges, 92°; for potatoes, 93°; for carrots, strawberries and figs, 97°.

(conversion to Fahrenheit)
-The lowest critical temperature for Drinking water 191 degrees F, Milk 191 degrees F, Cereals 192 degrees F, Tomatoes 192 degrees F, Cabbage 192 degrees F, Bananas 192 degrees F, Butter 196 degrees F, Apples 197 degrees F, Oranges 197 degrees F, Potatoes 200 degrees F, Carrots 206 degrees F, Strawberries 206 degrees F, Figs 206 degrees F.


After over 300 experiments on ten individuals of different age and sex, we have come to the following conclusions: 1. The augmentation of the number of white corpuscles and the alteration of the correlation of the percentage between them which takes place after every consumption of food, and which was considered until now as a physiological phenomenon, is, in reality, a pathological one, It is called forth by the introduction into the system of foodstuffs altered by means of high temperature, and by complicated treatments of ordinary products produced by nature.

2. After the consumption of fresh raw foodstuffs, produced by nature, our blood formula does not change in any lapse of time, nor in consequence of any combinations.

3. After the consumption of foodstuffs produced by nature, but altered by means of high temperature, an augmentation of the general number of white corpuscles takes place, but the correlation of percentage between them remains the same.

4. After the consumption of foodstuffs produced by nature, but altered by manufacturing processes, an augmentation of the general number of white corpuscles as well as a change in the correlation of their percentage takes place.

5. It has been proved possible to take, without changing the blood formula, every kind of foodstuff which is habitually eaten now, but only by following this rule, viz: – that it must be taken along with raw products, according to a definite formula.

6. In a healthy organism, it is not possible, by the consumption of any food to alter “The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man correlation of percentage between the white corpuscles, without augmenting their general number.”

7. Foodstuffs do not seem to have any influence on the transitional and the Polymorphonuclear Eosincphiles and the correlation of percentage between them is not altered.

8. We can change our blood formula in the direction we desire by dieting accordingly.

9. Blood examination can only have significance as a diagnosis if it is made on an empty stomach.

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  1. dare2baware says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. VERY much appreciated!

  2. Trygve Eklund says:

    Kochakoff never got the Nobel prize. He was nominated in 1945 – but being nominated is not the same as being awarded.

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  4. Javier Carballo says:

    Many,very prominent people never got a price of any kind, especially those who were seen as dissidents of the established interests. This is still the case today.

  5. Jorge says:

    Dear Trygve Eklund, please reed correctly, the article says dr. Paul K. Md. Prize Nobel NOMINEE!

  6. Shandy says:

    What is the diet that Paul Kouchakoff nowadays eat? Is he still alive? Does he still think the same about cooks foods?

  7. Gillian Teaford says:

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing troubles with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems? Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!|


  8. CK says:

    Would this mean that Food cooked in a slow cooker (at 75°C) is healthier than normal cooking?

    • Sadie King says:

      As long as the temperature stays below 185 F then it will maintain more nutritional value. I would then want to look at the quality of the materials of the slow cooker as that can leach unhealthy and unwanted things into the food.

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  10. Charles says:

    I have red a book about this 20 years ago and as far as I remember,the rule was to eat something raw first 20 min to a half hour,before anything cooked, weather it’s warm or cold!Then there should be no increase of the white blood body’s, Leucocytes!Although it’s familiar to not heat honey above 40 Celcius and not heat flax oil above this temperature!Au Bain Marie and not use any Metal with honey!Myself I keep on this rules and the kouchakoff knowledge for around 20 years now at 75%